What Families Need to Look for When Choosing a Neighborhood

Coast to Coast Real Estate Investments Inc. November 28, 2023

The decision to move into a new neighborhood is as crucial as selecting the house itself. The broader community influences your daily routines, social interactions, and overall quality of life. As a seasoned Washington real estate agent, I have been instrumental in assisting families to make informed choices in the Washington DC housing market. Here's a deeper look into the vital considerations and a snapshot of some coveted neighborhoods.

Deep Dive into Key Considerations for Choosing a Neighborhood


Top-notch education can shape your child’s future. Delve into nearby school ratings, the breadth of extracurricular activities, and the student-to-teacher ratio to gauge the quality of education.

Location and Commute

Consider the distance to your workplace, access to public transportation, and proximity to major highways. Test the drive during peak hours using your online home search tools to predict daily commutes.


While parks and recreation facilities are important, also look for community centers, libraries, and other cultural touchpoints. Consider proximity to hospitals, shopping malls, and dining options.

Future Development

Research any planned developments that could affect property values or alter the character of the neighborhood.

Neighbors and Community Vibe

Engage with potential neighbors or local businesses to get a feel for the community spirit. Look for neighborhood events or meetings you could attend.

Resale Value

Monitor the Washington DC real estate market trends, price appreciation in the area, and the average time homes remain on the market.

Desirable Neighborhoods of Washington, DC


Standing for "North of Massachusetts Avenue," NOMA has evolved from industrial roots to an arts and residential hub. Today, the area features modern living spaces juxtaposed against historic warehouses, creating a unique architectural landscape. Galleries, theaters, and public art spaces make it a cultural haven. For families, the presence of community events, parks, and an emphasis on pedestrian-friendly spaces make it a lively, vibrant place to call home.


These two regions represent DC's geographic and cultural diversity. Southwest, with its waterfront properties and parks, offers a serene escape, while Northwest boasts a rich history with areas like U Street and Foggy Bottom. The latter, in particular, has a mix of historic charm and urban development. Both regions offer a plethora of educational institutions, eateries, and shopping venues. Families will appreciate the sense of community and the myriad of activities at their disposal.


Located in Northeast DC, Brentwood is a predominantly residential area known for its row houses and friendly neighborhood vibe. In recent years, it's seen considerable development with new shopping centers and amenities. With its more affordable housing options and proximity to public transit, Brentwood is becoming increasingly popular among young families. The Rhode Island Avenue shopping district and the presence of green spaces offer residents both convenience and recreation.


One of DC's most iconic neighborhoods, Georgetown offers cobbled streets, historic homes, and a scenic waterfront. Beyond its picturesque charm, it’s a hub for upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment. Families can enjoy the myriad of parks, engage in water activities on the Potomac River, or simply soak in the neighborhood's rich history. Its tree-lined streets, esteemed universities, and sense of community make Georgetown an enduring choice for many.


Nestled in the heart of DC, Dupont Circle is characterized by its historic mansions, foreign embassies, and a vibrant social scene. The eponymous park is a popular gathering spot, surrounded by coffee shops, bookstores, art galleries, and diverse eateries. Families in Dupont Circle benefit from cultural events, farmers' markets, and excellent schools, making it an ideal locale for those seeking urban vitality combined with a close-knit community spirit.


A nature lover's paradise, Rock Creek offers the eponymous Rock Creek Park – a sprawling green space ideal for hiking, cycling, and picnicking. The neighborhood exudes tranquility and offers a suburban feel within city confines. Families can engage in educational programs at the Nature Center, explore the planetarium, or visit the historic Pierce Mill. The mix of recreational activities and serene surroundings make it a prime choice for families.


Renowned for its cultural diversity, Adams Morgan is an eclectic blend of traditions, eateries, and festivals. 18th Street, its main thoroughfare, is lined with boutiques, nightclubs, and cafes, reflecting the neighborhood's vibrant spirit. The area hosts the annual Adams Morgan Day, celebrating its multicultural identity. Families here can enjoy the cosmopolitan buzz while also taking advantage of parks and schools.


Once a former shipyard, Navy Yard has transformed into a bustling riverside community. The area boasts modern condos, offices, and an array of dining and shopping venues. Yards Park, with its fountains and boardwalk, is a family favorite, offering year-round events and riverfront views. The nearby Nationals Park stadium adds to the locale's vibrancy.


Situated in Northeast DC, Kingman Park embodies a blend of urban living with a touch of nature. Overlooking the Anacostia River, it offers families numerous recreational opportunities. The Kingman and Heritage Islands, in particular, serve as a natural sanctuary for urban dwellers. The neighborhood exudes a sense of community, with row houses, schools, and local businesses fostering a tight-knit environment.


This upscale neighborhood offers a harmonious blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquility. Home to the National Zoo, families can indulge in educational and recreational activities. Connecticut Avenue, the area's main street, is lined with restaurants, shops, and historic homes. Tree-lined streets, green spaces, and a sense of neighborhood pride make it a top choice for many.


Located in the heart of DC, Penn Quarter is a dynamic urban center. With theaters, museums, and galleries, it’s a cultural hotspot. Families can explore the National Portrait Gallery, enjoy a game at the Capital One Arena, or dine at trendy restaurants. The blend of historic architecture with modern amenities gives Penn Quarter its unique character.


Just across the Potomac River from DC, Arlington is a blend of urban skyscrapers and suburban neighborhoods. With a rich history, it's home to landmarks like the Arlington National Cemetery. Families can benefit from its excellent schools, parks, and shopping districts. Its proximity to DC makes it a strategic choice for those wanting suburban comfort with city amenities.

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When you embark on your journey, keep in mind that pictures and statistics only provide a partial story. Visiting neighborhoods, talking to locals, and seeking the advice of a reliable Washington real estate agent can significantly shape your decision. Let Coast to Coast Real Estate & Investments be your guiding star in navigating the vast Washington DC real estate market. We're here to ensure your family finds its ideal community in DC.

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